25 Ranch, 126,000 acre historic cattle ranch in Nevada, for sale


The 25 Ranch is a historic and expansive cattle ranch located in northern Nevada and offered for sale at a price of $ 36,525,000. The property encompasses approximately 126,018 surrendered acres and spans four counties. As one of the largest and oldest ranches in the state, the Ranch has many acquired and enacted water rights dating back to the 1870s and 1880s. Over the years, the Ranch has was improved with a main residence, numerous dwellings, corrals, barns, stores and support buildings. In addition, 25 Ranch features numerous water sources, extensive long-standing BLM grazing licenses and a carrying capacity of 6,500 ± cows year round.

One of the major historic cattle ranches in northern Nevada, many ranching properties including what now includes 25 Ranch were created and settled in the 1870s. These lands were originally assembled and operated separately by Russell Land and Cattle Co. and by WT Jenkins Co.

In the 1940s, WT Jenkins Co. amalgamated all of these operations into the current operation of 25 Ranch. WT Jenkins, the founder of WT Jenkins Co., immigrated to Nevada from Wales in the early 1870s, seeking his fortune in gold and silver mining. His dream soon faded and he began to operate the sheep business. After winning a fatal shootout in the mountains of the Nevada Range with a ruthless rancher named Joe Dean, who unsuccessfully attempted to drive WT out of the country, WT Jenkins then began raising sheep and cattle.

WT’s daughter Louise Marvel took on the primary role of managing the ranch operations at the tender age of 18 and gradually established one of the largest ranching operations in the state of Nevada. The expansive lands of 25 Ranch which included part of the WT Jenkins Co. operations were sold in 1964 and ultimately the current owner of 25 Ranch acquired the holding in 1989 and has operated this ranching business continuously since. that time.

25 Ranch is made up of several ranch units scattered across 25 Ranch lands, including Izzenhood Ranch, Blossom Ranch, Rock Creek Ranch, St. John’s Ranch, Stampede Ranch, Feed Lot, River Ranch, DL Ranch, and Wire Corral. Camp – all of which are an integral part of the breeding operation. Most cattle are wintered in the River Ranch and Izzenhood areas, on royalty land and on the BLM grazing subdivision, then move north to higher elevations for fresher feed during the winter seasons. spring and summer grazing.

Currently, most of the irrigated land is grazed and not harvested because there was no need for winter supplementation. In normal years, the grasslands can be used for both harvesting and grazing. About 4000 cows can spend the winter in the southern part of the BLM pasture plot without giving any hay. The only hay needs are for the saddle horses and the special needs of the cattle. There are 524,083 acres in the grazing allotment, or 309,390 acres of public land and 214,693 acres of private land.

The 25 Ranch has an abundance of certified, awarded and acquired water rights. The total water rights allocated to the property are approximately 15,234.15 ± acre-feet. In addition to the assigned water rights, 25 Ranch is also entitled to water for irrigation from 8 springs and under 8 separate certificates (which are common knowledge to the Water Resources Bureau Division. of Nevada).

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