Build the Cattle Farm Yule Festival Guide for AC Valhalla



Build Cattle Farm Yule Festival Guide for AC Valhalla / Photo courtesy of Ubisoft

Building a breeding farm for the Yule Festival in AC Valhalla is one of the many quests added in the Seasonal Update. The Yule Season Event is slated to last through January. 7, the next update that will follow will be the “River Raid” update coming in February, making this Christmas event the only major change to come for AC Valhalla for a few months. The Christmas Season Event offers players the chance to unlock Limited Edition Loot using Christmas Tokens which can be obtained by completing Missions. One of those missions is “Cow Catchers” which tasks players with preparing a feast to crown the Yule Festival. Here is a quick guide on how to complete “Cow Catchers”.

Build a cattle farm for the Christmas festival begins in the player’s colony, where you will quickly be notified that cows, which were to be the Christmas feast, have escaped the city. In order to prepare the feast, players will need to build a breeding farm and slaughter all the escaped cows. Fortunately, only four escaped and they are all quite close to the colony. Quest markers will provide an easy guide for the cows, but when in doubt, use the crow to ultimately locate the escaped animals.

After all the cows are slaughtered, the quest will reward players with 140 Christmas Tokens. This is a significant amount of tokens and only 10 tokens to purchase the most expensive cosmetic product available for this event, the “Mdraniht Ceremonial Seax and Shield”. Even for players who don’t want these items, the tokens from this quest can be used to purchase all other Christmas cosmetics combined.

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