Establish a cattle farm, Senator Tofowomo told southern governments

Following the ban on open pastures, Senator representing Ondo South in the National Assembly, Nicholas Tofowomo, advised the governors of the South to establish livestock farms that have multiple advantages.

Tofowomo, who appeared on a radio station in Akure, the state capital of Ondo, also added that these farms would serve not only as a place for raising cattle, but also for producing milk, cheese and other by-products.

He advised Nigeria to borrow a leaf from the United States which has 94 million head of cattle, scattered across 700,000 farms, with the state of Texas being the largest, but enjoying peace without any current clashes. in Nigeria today. “This is why I am calling on the governors of the south to take it one step further.

During Obafemi Awolowo’s end, he established farm settlements in the various senatorial districts. Some of them are now dying. The federal and state governments can sit down and convert these agricultural establishments into ranching operations, ”he said.

The senator elected on the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) platform, however, praised Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for his stance on open grazing and urged other governors to support the ban with alternatives. .

Responding to questions about the difference between the old PDP administration and the ruling APC, Tofowomo said, “When the PDP was in power, Nigeria was not that bad.

The exchange rate today kills. A dollar is now traded for N540 and a pound for N740 on the black market. “The prices of raw materials are no longer affordable.

A liter of fuel was sold at N87 under Goodluck Jonathan of the PDP administration, but today a liter of gasoline is sold at N167. The award was doubled by the APC administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Speaking on the planned increase in the electricity tariff, Tofowomo said that “the tariff is no longer affordable as it has been increased by 100% by this current administration.

The unemployment rate under the PDP is not that bad. The level of insecurity was not that bad. Nigerians are no longer safe in their homes as kidnappers are now invading people’s homes to kidnap them. This is happening now, especially in parts of Abuja.

Tofowomo, who is the deputy chairman of the Senate Land Transport Committee, praised Governor Akeredolu and other southern governors for their uniform decision to ban open grazing, but advised them to go one step further by creating breeding farms.

His words: “The position of the governors of the south is laudable and all the senators of the south are behind them.

Governor Akeredolu and other governors in the South have our support. I am in favor of their uniform ruling on open grazing. “But they should go one step further by setting up breeding farms. When you ban outdoor grazing and there is no alternative for people to graze their cattle, there will be a problem, ”he said.


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