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LYON COUNTY, KY – The 60-year-old man from Lyon County who tested positive for COVID-19 is still recovering at home. One of the people who came into contact with the infected person was tested for the virus and was found not to have it.

Even though only one person in the county has been diagnosed with the virus, COVID-19 is affecting the rest of the county. With grocery stores unable to keep a lot of meat on the shelves, people turn to P&H Cattle Company.

Cali Parish

“We’re a little surprised at what is going on right now with the volume of business we have,” says Cali Parish.

The de Parish family are co-owners of P&H Cattle. They raise cattle, process the meat, and then sell it in their store, which is a big plus when a lot of grocery shelves are empty.

“I think we all woke up to a different world last week, you know. We just talked about that and it became a reality earlier this week, so we’ve definitely had more orders in the last few days and people called, said the parish.

Parish says they usually don’t get a lot of business this time of year, but with people needing a place to buy meet up right now, buyers have turned to them. .

“Our people are very scared right now, but we want to calm them down and let them know that we have food and that you won’t go hungry, that the farmers are there to feed you,” Parish says.

Mike Olivier

Eddyville food giant manager Mike Oliver said they receive regular shipments of goods, but keeping those goods on the shelves has been a challenge. An even bigger challenge, however, is making sure COVID-19 doesn’t spread around the store.

“I’m just trying to keep our distance from everyone and tell everyone to calm down. We have hand sanitizer in the checkouts that customers can use if they get cash and stuff. , if they want to use hand sanitizer, we have it on the register, ”says Oliver.

P&H Cattle is open Thursday through Saturday. You can call ahead to see what they have in stock at 270-625-0610, or by visiting their The Facebook page.

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