Mormon-owned cattle ranch expands in Wewahitchka

Wewahitchka is famous for the production of tupelo honey, but soon the small town will be known for a lot more. Several acres of cleared trees will be occupied by cattle in Gulf County. The operations will take place in Wewa.

Some residents believe the change could provide an economic boost.

Longtime resident and retired county judge David Taunton is thrilled.

“Were excited! This is a new adventure. We are always excited to see new jobs coming to this county,” Taunton said.

Since March 2014, Deseret Cattle & Timber, a Mormon-owned business, has taken over property that once belonged to the St. Joe Company.

Deseret Cattle & Timber released a statement in part:
“With a long-term perspective, a passion for agriculture, a commitment to the local economy and proven capabilities in sustainable land management, Deseret Cattle & Timber is excited about our future in North Florida,” a great place to live, work and raise our families. “

Wewahitchka High School principal Jay Bidwell says cattle have a positive impact in the classroom. “The great things that I’m really proud of is that we added an agricultural program because of this industry that has come up. “

“I’m just interested to see you, because it evolves how it goes from one type of industry – from the lumber industry to the cattle industry,” Taunton added.

Deseret also ran ranching operations in east-central Florida for over sixty years.

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