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An avid flight enthusiast and avid Tasmanian fan has big plans for the 70 acre homestead at 864 Claude Road. Simon Hackett, based in Adelaide, bought the sheep and cattle farm from the Bomford family in 2017, with Philip de Bomford remaining as manager. Mr Hackett applied to the Kentish Council for a permit to remodel the airstrip on the property and build a larger aircraft hangar. “The airstrip has been a major draw for us in terms of purchasing the property because I am an avid long term pilot and it is simply the nicest runway, on the nicest property we have. never seen, ”Hackett said. Currently, only about half of the 1,300-meter runway can be used year-round. It has a “steep climb” in the middle, then a steep descent to a swampy area where a winter stream is channeled below. “When we purchased the property, we were keenly aware of its role in supporting water bombing operations to fight serious fires. But the reality is that there is no longer a ‘fire season’. “said Mr. Hackett. He plans to demolish the two old aircraft hangars and build one that can house his Pilatus PC12 aircraft. Read more: Freehold Cradle Mountain Offer Makes Sense: Luke Martin “We are strong supporters of the Devonport Aero Club, whose pilots and students come to visit us for monthly flights on Saturdays. The Vale also hosts an annual charitable fundraiser. Flying Day Australia Day, supporting various local causes and we look forward to continuing on this path. Mr Hackett said the family loved Tasmania, which was their ultimate destination. Comments end November 13, 2019.


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