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Sir: When Ogun State Governor Dapo Abiodun said sometime ago that the state was planning to have a world-class cattle ranch and slaughterhouse, what burst out of the good gesture was noise of “RUGA”, to my disbelief, the governor had a good intention, not the type of ranch where the shepherds will have a country day trampling on our farms.

The question of the state having a world-class cattle ranch arose when the governor welcomed a team from the Irish Dairy Milk Company who were considering moving to the state and exporting their products to the China and other parts of the world. . Isn’t it a good thing if the milk will be produced as is? This will allow the State to increase its internally generated income, jobs will also be available for our young people.

When the story was dropped, the reaction was overwhelming, with different schools of thought believing that the story would slander the administration of Abiodun, alas! This does not appear to be the problem, as the governor was able to convey to doubting Thomases that the proposed world-class cattle ranch was not a form of RUGA but a means for the state to increase its income. internally generated.

The dairy company, when it fully begins to work, would need a ranch to get milk for production. What other way to make more money for the state than by setting up a world-class ranch that would produce meat for consumption and also produce a large percentage of the milk the business would need.

After the reactions of the population, the governor held a press conference, during which he declared categorically that the problems which surrounded the breeding and ranching in the country were of concern but that his administration was happy that an international dairy company is about to be set up. boutique in the state, an investment that would require the establishment of appropriate ranches in the state.

At the meeting, he said he had to clarify the matter and let the minds of the people rest, as his administration would never leave room for any form of “RUGA”, as that was the position of all the governors. of the Southwestern states. during a recent security meeting in Ibadan and Ondo.

It is also important to note that the world-class ranch would be carried out under a public-private partnership, it would have a world-class slaughterhouse, the ranch would allow milk, beef and ram, even products generated in internal State revenue would be improved. If this is done, one thing that is sacrosanct is that the process would end breeding in Ogun State and other southwestern states for good.

Agriculture is one of the biggest pillars of the Abiodun administration. If harnessed well, it could provide jobless youth with employment opportunities as workers on a world-class ranch and slaughterhouse. slaughterhouse class otherwise provide by setting up a ranch.

In Ogun State we have had our own share of issues related to clashes between shepherds, shepherds tampering with farms, shepherds coming in and shooting villagers, it’s time to join hands and support this noblewoman. idea.

Obasan Oluwafunso wrote from the Ogun State Ministry of Information and Strategy.

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