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IIt’s a universally accepted truth that a billionaire with a sprawling media empire must need a constant supply of bullshit. With the recent purchase of a Montana cattle ranch, home to 7,000 head, Rupert Murdoch now has access to more things than even Tucker Carlson could hope to shovel.

The ranch, located in the southwestern state not far from Yellowstone National Park, was purchased from Matador Cattle Co, a subsidiary of Koch Industries, for around $ 200 million, as reported the wall street journal. The sale of the ranch, between the two driving forces of the conservative movement in the United States, is the largest in Montana history.

“It is a deep responsibility,” Murdoch said in a statement. “We feel privileged to take ownership of this beautiful land and look forward to continually improving both commercial livestock activity and conservation assets across the ranch. “

The property would cover approximately 340,000 acres and stretch 50 miles north to south, comprising “4,000 elk, 800 antelopes and 1,500 mule deer” as well as a “28 mile long cove populated with trout” and 25 houses for employees, according to a representative of the Murdochs.

At least one neighbor and fellow breeder, John Jackson, chairman of the Beaverhead County commission, the Koches “have been good neighbors,” as he put it. the Billings Gazette. He wasn’t expecting much to change with the Murdochs move in, although it’s unclear how long the 90-year-old media scion will spend there (a spokesperson said the family had l ‘intention to spend time at the ranch).

Many on social media were quick to joke about the parallels between the sale of the ranch and the success of HBO Succession, about a family loosely based on the Murdochs, as well as the Kevin Costner Yellowstone program.

Another popular recent work of fiction, Jane Campion’s film The Power of the Dog, is set on a ranch in Montana. In the film, the chief breeder and son of wealthy Benedict Cumberbatch is found unable to connect with those around him and sets out to ruin the lives of everyone he meets.

Koch Industries recently sold similar properties in the United States, including one in Kansas listed for around $ 24 million and one in Texas for around $ 124 million. The prospect of the world’s richest families scrambling to swap isolated properties with enough livestock and water to survive for years to come isn’t likely to be alarming to the rest of us.

This article was amended on December 13, 2021 to remove references to the “Koch brothers” as vendors (via a subsidiary of Koch Industries) of the ranch. Charles and David Koch were the two main owners of Koch Industries, but the latter passed away in 2019, since when his heirs have owned his share.

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