Sale of production of CK cattle and Wager cattle

Long-time Ridgeview, South Dakota customer Grant Martin.

TSLN Representative: Dan Piroutek

Date: February 9, 2019

Location: CK Sale Facility, Highmore, South Dakota

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar


57 Simmental, SimAngus and Hereford bulls – $ 8,842

46 purebred heifers – $ 4,094

Congratulations to the Effling and Wager families on a successful sale tonight in Highmore, South Dakota! A single standing room filled the seats. This company continues to produce exceptional cattle, not only in the show ring, but on ranches across South Dakota.

Families involved include Lanny and Jayne Wager, Chris and Kristi Effling with their daughters, Cagney, Chesney and Kenidey, and Dusty and Aimee Wager and their children, Teigen, Kinsey and Landan. It was a fantastic lunch at the end of the sale.

Best Selling Simmental and SimAngus Bulls:

Lot 1: WAGR Mr Profit 8038F at $ 210,000 at Eagles Crest Cattle Company, Fredericksburg, Texas – Profit x Hart Eclipse 510Y (Simmental)

Lot 3: JND Money Maker 813F at $ 19,500 at Kearns Cattle Company, Rushville, Nebraska – Profit x SAV Net Worth 4200 (1/2 Simmental, 1/2 Angus)

Lot 37: CKCC Ld Hammer 8965F ET at $ 15,000 to Wheatland Cattle Company and Semex, Inc., Bienait, Saskatchewan, Canada – Mr. Tr Hammer 308A ET x GKS Re-Hab (Simmental)

Lot 9: CKCC Mr Profit 8645F at $ 8,000 to Darren Ridley, Las Animas, Colorado – Profit x SAV Bismarck 5682 (1/2 Simmental, 1/2 Angus)

Lot 2: CKCC Mr Profit 8805F ET at $ 8,000 to Brian Starr, Dupree, South Dakota – Profit x Leachman Saugahatchee 3000C (1/2 Simmental, 1/2 Angus)

Best-Selling Hereford Bull:

Lot 59: Chez / Hara / Pugh Mr 8721F ET at $ 7,000 at Jim Schuette, Highmore, South Dakota – (Hereford) H FHF Advance 628 ET x MSU TCF Revolution 4R

Best-selling purebred heifers:

Lot 115: WAGR Ms Profit 7101E at $ 21,500 to Frecking Livestock, Alpha, Minnesota, and Eagles Crest Cattle Company, Fredericksburg, TX – Profit x Hart Eclipse 510Y (Simmental) AI raised to MR CCF 20-20, AI safe

Lot 114: WAGR Ms Profit 7054E at $ 20,500 at Frecking Livestock, Alpha, Minnesota – Profit x Hart Eclipse 510Y (Simmental) AI raised to HOC Dakota 1110, then grazed at R5 Solution E111

Lot 100: WAGR Ms Outlaw 7122E at $ 12,000 at Austin Dockter, Milbank, South Dakota, Lane Peterson, Holabird, South Dakota, and Chris Heim, Wessington Springs, South Dakota – Outlaw x Remington Lock N Load 54U (Simmental ) AI raised to HOC Dakota 1110, IA safe.

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