Stabbed, livestock farm owner manages to catch thief in Bangalore


He was alerted due to calls from “kalla, kalla”; thief had stolen 500 g of gold, silver

33 year old man breeding farm The owner is fighting for his life after being stabbed with a sharp knife by a professional thief in Sri Annapurneshwari Nagar near KR Puram.

The thief, Mudasir Pasha, was trying to escape after committing a house theft. The owner of the house and his son, who saw the thief coming out of their house, started shouting kalla, kalla (thief) when the thief jumped over the perimeter wall. S Muniraju, who was at his farm, chased the thief and caught him. To escape, the thief stabbed Muniraju. Even though Muniraju was in pain, he clung to the thief. At this point, the owner of the house, his son and a few others caught the thief.

The public assaulted the thief and tied his hands and legs. The police took the accused into custody and also recovered the gold and silver ornaments he had stolen from the house. One case of attempted assassination has been recorded.

Muniraju is a resident of Chowdeshwaringar Kalyana Mantapa in Sri Annapurneshwarinagar in Hosakote City. The incident happened around 5:30 p.m. on Monday. Muniraju was stabbed near his house. Pasha, 40, is a resident of Jalimohallah in Cottonpet.

Muniraju, who was stabbed in the lower abdomen, is undergoing treatment in the intensive care unit of a private hospital. Pasha is also undergoing treatment in a public hospital after being beaten by the population.

“The accused, who is a repeat offender, had stolen from a house in Sri Annapurneshwari Nagar by breaking and entering the entrance doors. He had stolen nearly 500 grams of gold ornaments and Rs 70,000 in cash. The owner of the Ramanjinappa house came at the same time the thief was leaving the house. Watching the stranger come out of the house, the owner asked him who he was. Pasha pulled a button knife from his pants pocket and threatened to stab him if he dared to catch it.

He then jumped over the perimeter wall and fled.


The owner of the house and his son Sanjay also started chasing him, shouting kalla, kalla (thief) to gain public attention. Muniraju, who was near the breeding farm, heard the screams and chased Pasha and managed to hold him back. Pasha, who tried to free himself from Muniraju, stabbed him in the lower abdomen, ”said an officer involved in the investigation.

Muniraju managed to overpower Pasha and clung to him.

The owner of the house and his son then grabbed Pasha and asked the public for help in restraining him. Ramanjinappa and the victim’s brother, Sanjay, took Muniraju to a nearby private hospital in a van. As this was a forensic matter, the hospital then reported the matter to the police.

“The police then went to the scene and took custody of Pasha. Assuming he was running, the audience had tied his hands and legs. The public had also assaulted Pasha while he had stabbed the victim. The police managed to recover the intact gold and silver ornaments from him. Since Pasha was injured, he has been transferred to a public hospital where he is undergoing treatment. Pasha would be out of danger, ”added the officer.

A case of attempted murder under section 307 of the Indian Penal Code has been registered against Pasha.

The accused is also involved in a few other similar theft cases in Avalahalli, Cottonpet and other police boundaries. The police are checking if he is wanted in another case.

Hosakote police from the Bangalore Rural Police Limits have registered a case and are continuing the investigation.

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