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A mid-coast dingo enjoying a beach walk away from the cattle.

A NEW article published by CSIRO Publishing on the practice of 1080 baits to control dingoes, domestic wild dogs and their hybrids and its effectiveness on bovine production has been published.

The article titled “Lethal control reduces relative abundance of dingoes but not impacts on livestock production” aimed to assess the effectiveness of an annual bait of 1080 on dingoes and its effects in mitigating predation. and sublethal impacts on beef cattle.

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The results were collected over a period of 2.5 years and were carried out during a period considered to have had relatively good rainfall.

This study was conducted in the southern part of the Northern Territory.

Dingo abundance readings decreased immediately after a single baiting episode compared to unbaited areas.

However, the long-term impact is much less conclusive with no difference in the levels of calf damage or calf loss between the poisoned and non-toxic areas just 8 months later.

The study concluded that “the findings add to the growing body of consistent evidence that contemporary dingo control practices provide little benefit to range beef producers most of the time. “

The implications of this study are important for dingo populations and for farmers when managing their properties.

“Alternative strategies and practices to reduce the impacts of dingo mutilation and predation should be investigated using replicated and controlled field studies. “


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