The breeding complies with the DENR directive


SAN SIMON, Pampanga – D ‘Meters Field Corporation breeding farm is developing a closed loop wastewater treatment facility on its premises in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

The treatment plant is a natural seven-stage facility where all wastewater will pass through and be treated until it is properly broken down into fertilizer, said Mario Ong, co-owner of D ‘Meters Field Corporation.

Said facility, which is developed for livestock farm use only, has surpassed the usual and recommended three-stage sewage treatment facilities for livestock farms like theirs.

“The wastewater treatment plant typically used by farms only has three stages, digestion, settling and the final stage before disposal. But in our case, we did seven to make sure our waste is clean and safe, ”Ong said.

He added that the seven stages include a septic tank where cow manure will pass directly from the farm, and what remains of the waste will be broken down in the settling pond.

The wastewater will then flow and pass through four artificial basins to be filtered until their cleanliness is ensured. The water from the last pond will then be used again to clean the farms, Ong said.

“Our sewage treatment facility is a closed loop, and we don’t throw anything out of the stream or anywhere outside of our farm to make sure we don’t cause any pollution or the like in the community,” he said. he declares.

Ong said the facility is now in use on the farm, but some developments are still underway, including the proper coating of the water tube to ensure its effectiveness.

Besides the wastewater treatment facility, D ‘Meters Field Corporation also has its own material recovery facility where solid waste is disposed of and becomes the staging area for sorting recyclable waste.

ECC Compliant

Ong, meanwhile, said that in recent ammonia tests conducted by the DENR on their wastewater, it was revealed that the ammonia level was only at Level 2, which was much better than the level 5 tolerance threshold.

“We are very satisfied with the results because our efforts have paid off, especially from our employees, to maintain the cleanliness and to be odorless on our farm, especially since we are a breeding farm”, t -he declares.

The Certificate of Environmental Compliance (ECC) issued to them by the DENR is also a manifestation of their commitment to ensuring and maintaining order and respect for the environment of their company, continued Ong.

He also noted the corporate social responsibility programs regularly run by the D ‘Meters Field Corporation in their host barangay San Pablo, such as medical missions, feeding programs and other forms of community assistance.

Economic contribution

In addition to being environmentally friendly, D ‘Meters Field Corporation also participates in the continued economic development of this bustling agro-industrial city.

At present, D ‘Meters Field Corporation has a total of 381 employees, 80 percent of whom are residents or natives of this city.

“Every month, we make about 5 million pesos for our payroll alone. This is distributed to our employees who receive a minimum wage and above the minimum per month, ”said Ong.

Ong added that the D ‘Meters Field Corporation is also diligently paying its business license and property taxes of around 5 million pesos for the farm and slaughterhouse which is located along Quezon Road here.

At present, the cattle operation has around 3,200 cows on its 28 hectares of farmland which is due to be slaughtered and ready for market consumption in about three months. This is still below the DENR limit of 4000 cows in farmland.

D ‘Meters Field Corporation is just one of two beef farms in the country that import cows directly from Australia.

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