Tommy Lee Jones owns a 3,000 acre cattle ranch in Texas


Actor Tommy Lee Jones is about as Texas as it gets. The Oscar-winning actor has made no attempt to hide his Southern accent throughout his film career, and his gruff temper has made him a Hollywood icon capable of performing both comedy and drama.

The eighth-generation Texan never gave up his roots in the Lone Star State, nor the cattle ranch lifestyle he was raised on, which could explain why he was inspired to return after years working in the film industry. Jones was born in the small town of San Saba outside of San Antonio. Her family moved away while her father was working in the Midland oil fields. When the industry took his family overseas, Jones moved to Dallas to attend the prestigious boys’ preparatory school, St. Marks School of Texas.

St. Marks has opened up new experiences for Jones, from acting in plays to becoming an incredibly talented athlete. He was able to play football at Harvard, where he started acting and graduated with honors. Jones also shared a room with future Vice President Al Gore during his college years. After school he moved to New York, where he began performing on stage. Jones is an incredibly serious guy, so it makes sense that this is how he started his acting career.

While he certainly has a reputation for being as brooding as some of his characters, there’s no doubt he’ll go down in history as one of the most memorable actors of his time. His career kicked off when he landed the role of Loretta Lynn’s husband Mooney in coal miner’s daughter opposite Sissy Spacek. He went on to win the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in The fugitive facing Harrison Ford. Jones even won an Emmy for his role in the miniseries solitary dove, a role that has allowed him to show off his riding skills since his time at the ranch. Younger fans may know him for his role in battling aliens opposite Will Smith in the blockbuster men in black.

Jones was an accomplished polo player, which he continues to be passionate about today. Indeed, according to Texas monthly, he funds two polo teams, which include Jones and his wife Dawn, professional players and their fifty horses. They previously split their time during the year between his polo farm in Palm Beach, Florida, which Jones sold in 2019, and his polo ranch in San Saba.

The Texas ranch house is over 150 years old, showing how much Jones admires the history of his 3,000-acre estate. Jones said Texas monthly that he lives the good life there between the polo fields and the cattle they have on the property.

“In the summer we’ll work the cattle, then around seven in the evening we’ll start playing polo. We’ll play until around nine o’clock, then when we’re done we’ll put the meat on the fire and watch the darkness come. It’s a beautiful life. Everyone is happy.

This story was previously published on February 24, 2020.

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