U of I breeding school offers a comprehensive overview of beef production

MOSCOW, Idaho – January 4, 2022 – A new school for ranchers at the University of Idaho starting in January will offer an in-depth examination of their business, from their financial world to the finished product. The U of I Advanced Ranch Management School will feature five multi-day sessions with experts in commerce, forage, meat science, human resources, and animal science. Topics will cover the practical and more in-depth details of livestock production and ranching.

“We’ve had the interest of the Idaho Cattle Association and others in a program like this. They want higher level education and skills building courses to help them run their businesses better, ”said U of I organizer John Hall, a cattle extension specialist at the research center, from extension and education Nancy M. Cummings near Salmon.

The school will require those who enroll to invest their attention and effort. “We will have guest speakers and the students will actively participate in the sessions and discussions. It’s not a passive course, ”Hall said.

The school links the efforts of the U of I and several groups over the past several years to address many topics one at a time through individual programs, Hall said. Some were held at the Cummings Center, which serves as the research center of the U of I College of Agricultural and Life Sciences for beef cattle research.

The school will expand these programs and locations to give a broader view of the industry with in-depth sessions with breeders, industry leaders and the U of I and other university professors.

The first session is scheduled for Thursday and Friday January 20-21 at Twin Falls and will focus on ranch management with Oklahoma State University Agri-Food Economist Derrell Peel. It will highlight the conditions of the beef industry, potential new businesses and the financial basis of the business. University of Idaho Extension Professors Hernan Tejeda and Joel Packham will participate.

The second session consists of three weekly Zoom sessions in the evenings from mid-March to the end of March and will focus on the management of forage resources and the natural resource base. Cummings Center researchers Melinda Ellison and Jim Sprinkle will lead the program.

The third session will bring together students on the Moscow University campus in early May and will focus on the science of meat, from harvesting the animal to the final product. Meat scientists Phil Bass and Michael Colle will lead the program.

The fourth session will take place on Zoom in mid-July and will focus on human resource management and ranch leadership with UI extension educator Shannon Williams. The session will cover the basics of human resources, from hiring to advocacy for the industry and ranchers’ own operations.

The fifth and final session will be held September 12-14 in Salmon at the Cummings Center. It will focus on animal production, from nutrition to genetics and reproductive technology. Hall, UI Extension Professor Benton Glaze, Jim Sprinkle, and other experts will discuss the potential benefits and barriers of new technology. They will also conduct hands-on livestock and range management labs.

Registration costs $ 200 per person or $ 300 for ranch couples. More information about the Advanced Ranch Management School and registration is available from John Hall at jbhall @ uidaho. Edu or 208-993-1222.

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