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WESTON, Mo. — A former Army ranger helps veterans readjust to civilian life by hiring them to work on his Platte County cattle ranch.

The veterans work together to deliver a unique cut of meat to the Kansas City market. The KC Cattle Company was formed in honor of an Army Ranger who was killed in action in 2011.

Jeremy Katzenberger was Patrick Montgomery’s brother-in-law. They served together in the 1st Ranger Battalion, and when Montgomery left the army he decided to honor his brother-in-law’s memory by raising Wagyu cattle. On a peaceful farm near Weston, Montgomery raises the docile breed, known for their flavorful steaks.

But he also found that working on the ranch helped other veterans find purpose in life.

“I found peace starting this business and as I started to bring more veterans here, I saw the same type of healing power that this place brings to other veterans,” said Montgomery. “Now it’s kind of like, ‘Why don’t we hire everyone who has the same issues, wants to get into farming, or is looking for that next step in life.'”

The Parkville, Mo., native says studies show the Japanese breed of beef cattle may be healthier in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids than other red meats.

His online business ships cuts of beef to consumers across the country. All orders are processed by a staff of veterans only.

Montgomery also ensures that a portion of its sales are donated to veterans foundations, including War Horses for Veterans, which is based in the metro area.

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