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Elisabeth Hiyolwa

MANGETTI – Kavango West regional management last week made a follow-up visit to Kavango Cattle Ranch, which recently made headlines for falling into disrepair.

The advisers went to assess the progress of the state farm run by the Namibian Industrial Development Agency (NIDA).

Despite some very rare burnt carcasses being seen and an incident of an elephant chasing some staff the previous night, management were pleased to see positive progress and said the cattle looked better, than the water points were no longer flooded, which was hopefully dimmed on previous visits.

Farm manager Gerhard Mouton, who described the farm as newborn Mangetti, said the most significant incident that happened was that they recognized there was a problem that needed to be determined.

Mouton said that despite the elephants still roaming, employees have returned to the farm’s camps, which has helped the progress seen.

“If it wasn’t for them, we couldn’t do anything. They just pay attention to it. The water regime has been changed; from there we changed the kraals. We have received the contribution that was necessary: ​​diesel and licks, and we are still working on the danger allowance for our colleagues, ”he said.

Additionally, he praised executives and other stakeholders, such as Meatco, who helped with transportation and marketing.

Kavango West Regional Council Chairman Joseph Sivaku Sikongo said leaders are happy with the status quo on the farm because it has changed.

“For us, Mangetti is simply not a farm. For us, it’s a mine because that’s where the money for this part of Namibia comes from – which goes to the central government”, pointing out that “if there is a Namibian who says that nothing comes from Kavango, Mangetti is our mine. We feed the Namibians with meat – not just meat but also money.

He, however, urged NIDA leaders to allow farm managers on the ground to have cash on site and avoid a supply route for simple things like a tyre.

In addition, he urged them to pay danger pay to camp employees without delay, adding that “delay will only take us back to square one”.

Sikongo further encouraged leaders to be transparent with all employees to cultivate a spirit of trust among employees.

During the visit, the Governor, Sirrka Ausiku, however, expressed her disappointment that “we are a bit concerned that the promise (the danger pay) that NIDA made to the Minister has not been implemented after two month. The moment we start doing this, we will create mistrust with employees.”

Ausiku further suggested that a management committee be formed, which will include the regional council, traditional authorities and the farm, so that the management of the farm is to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

2022-09-26 Staff reporter

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